Our Story

The brave hat journey began while I was on tour as "Annie" on broadway. Every night after the show I would meet fans of all ages. We would laugh and share stories and take pictures together. It was during one of these meet and greets that I met a five year old little girl that would inspire me to start the Brave Hat campaign. I was on the tour when I received a message from a father concerning his five year old daughter who I had met in San Antonio, Texas after the show. She had a dance recital, and as soon as she saw the audience she became afraid and ran off the stage. She did not even want to return to her dance class. Her dad asked if I would share some of the things I had learned to help his daughter face her fear. I sent her a special video. I told her that it's ok to make mistakes, have fun, be yourself, love what you do, and be brave! I received an incredible message from her dad back saying not only did the video cheer her up, it helped her to get back on stage and perform at her next recital. Her dad said this experience changed his daughters life.